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Christmas Food Pics

Just some pictures from the food we ate at Christmas.


Homemade pizzas:


Pesto, chicken, cherry tomato (soaked in garlic, oregano and EVOO) and caramelized purple onion

Chorizo, Manchego, Fried Potato, spicy-garlic-smoked paprika aioli, spicy jam

Pear, blue cheese, walnut and honey

Cuban food:

Black beans with deliciousness or Frijoles negros

Sweet fried plantains “Maduros”

Yuca with onions/garlic/citrus or “mojo”

Guayava cake

Pork. Delicious pork

Homemade daiquiris (rum, simple, lime, shaken over ice)

Merry Christmas!

IMG_4981 IMG_4982 IMG_4983 IMG_5011 IMG_4998 IMG_5053 IMG_5062 IMG_5128 IMG_5136 IMG_5133 IMG_5142 IMG_5137 IMG_5143 IMG_5148 IMG_5149

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Quick Test: Canned vs. Dry Garbanzo Bean Hummus

Here is a typical time of making some yummy food while simultaneously conducting my own experiment. Measurements and other scientific guidelines were not really put in place. I just made two things and compared them.

I made three batches of hummus today, because I had a ton of ingredients:

1) Hummus from canned chickpeas (garbanzo beans)

2) Hummus from dry beans (the ones you need to soak over night first)

3) Hummus from a mix of canned and dry beans but roasted!

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