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Eggplant Review – Difference Between Three Kinds (NOTES LOST *sad face*)

So I did a taste test between three types of eggplants from my farmer’s market.

But I lost my notes from the experiment ūüė¶

Instead, I have some research I did after the jump, but I might as well give you all of the synonyms for the eggplant right now: aubergine = berenjena = brinjal = garden egg = egg apple = patlican = melongene = melanzane = Guinea squash. Yay learning.


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Baked eggplant slices: double test!

Today’s eggplant taste test is a fun one. We are testing two different factors…
They tell you to salt your eggplant (once you have cubed it or cut it in slices) and let it rest for 30 minutes in a strainer in your sink, so the bitterness leaves it. Does that make a difference?

AND you are told to brush olive oil on your slices before putting them in the oven. What difference does that make to the texture and taste?

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Grilled eggplant: olive oil edition

Eggplant is delicious. There will be many posts dedicated to this plant. But I have a grill, so tonight, we grill.

So let’s grill eggplants.

But with my propensity to douse everything in extra virgin olive oil, how can I appropriately and lovingly combine the two ingredients? How do I properly apply (or not apply) EVOO on the eggplant to have it leave the grill in a happy state?

Today’s test: What is the best way to apply olive oil to the eggplant for grilling?

My test kitchen has determined that this is indeed an eggplant.

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