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Brownies Experiment: No Oil, No Problem PART 2

I have had some tests brewing (baking?) in my head for a long time, ever since the ever popular brownie oil/eggs-substitution test went up over a year ago. I decided it is time to try out a few new substitutions and do a blind taste test.

How do brownies (from a box) taste when you substitute certain things with the oil and eggs?

Today’s new substitutions: ¬†mayo, yogurt and avocado!


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Oven Hot Spot Test

Hi, welcome to this blog post regarding gourmet cooking, high-end ingredients, and the pursuit of the quality eating experience!

Today, we are using WHITE BREAD, the finest of all breads.

Just kidding. Didn’t mean for you to drop your kale shake while you clutched your ascot scarf in outrage.

I mean, this post IS simply using White Bread. But I’m using the saddest of sad breads* to test an important tool in my kitchen: the oven.

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