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Four New Cocktails from “Shake”

After several months of weary transition and heavy work load, I needed some creativity in my life.

It was time to experiment with some cocktail mixing.

photo 5

I purchased the book “Shake: A New Perspective on Cocktails” at a yuppie store that I like to judge yet would love to own half the things in that store. I almost bought the $36 mason jar cocktail shaker, which seems great and I reallllly wanted it, but I would rather make a DIY mason jar shaker by drilling holes in the top.

My friend and I looked through the book and since we are in the weird middle seasonĀ of winter-figuring-out-if-it-should-die-and-let-spring-come-forth, we thumbed through the winter and spring cocktails, considered which booze and ingredients we had at our homes, and came up with four.

This post is just me reporting on what we made and drank and what we thought of it.

WARNING: Photos taken on an iPhone, not my awesome camera. Beware.

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Antioxidant fruit punch?

Can something so healthy actually taste so friggin’ good?

Usually if something tastes really good, it means it’s probably not that healthy for you. I’m thinking things like Nutella or fried chicken or ice cream. This is a weak generalization, but I think most of us grew up believing the point this graph conveys:

As an adult, I was being generous with the curve. My 10 year old self would advocate for a sharper decline.

One day I’m exploring the world wide web for food related things, and I come upon NutrionFacts.org. The author of a blog claims that he has an antioxidant-packed tea recipe (very healthy) that tastes just like fruit punch (not healthy)!

This seems like a job for this blog to taste test this.

Does this video’s recipe actually taste like fruit punch?

Here is the video:

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