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How to Conduct a Pizza Taste Test

Happy New Year!

First, I apologize for the gap of several weeks. Holidays and transitioning out of a job (and frantically looking for a new one!) has kept me busy. But I’m back with a fun activity my family, best friends and I experienced at home:

A pizza taste test! Specifically with your friends. Or family. Or complete strangers.

I will go over the step-by-step process of how to organize your own pizza taste test.


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Do you have ideas of things I can test?

I am always taking submissions for cooking experiments. My goal is to compare cooking methods, ingredients and food ideas against one another to determine which is better or more preferable.

Learn about cooking with me. It can be fun!

Example: Does using chopped, diced or pressed garlic change the taste in simple tomato sauce? To test that, I would make three equally similar pasta sauces EXCEPT incorporate the differently prepared garlics in each one. Then I would taste test, hopefully with the help of friends.

Ideas? Let me know. email obedientingredients@gmail.com

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Welcome to my food blog…

Welcome to my blog.

Another blog about food and cooking?! ….

These are obedient ingredients right here!

Yes, I’m afraid so…

But I think, nay, I KNOW this one will be different. It will also have my personal touch.

I test out things related to cooking. That’s it! It’s what I naturally like to do!

Join me on this adventure of amateur cooking and discovery.

Email me if you have ideas you want me to test! obedientingredients@gmail.comĀ 

Also, all of the photos of food in this blog are mine. Here are some you can enjoy right now:

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