Obedient Ingredients

A place to put cooking ideas to the test.


Welcome to my food blog, hungry internet wanderer!

In a nutshell: I am curious about food and great tasting stuff, so I conduct experiments or taste tests to discover the best recipe or cooking method. Sometimes I just do taste tests to have fun.

I’m a food enthusiast who loves to get better at cooking through trial and error, research, and good ol’ experimentation. I’m fueled by the enjoyment of eating, learning and food photography (all food photos are mine in this blog). This blog will test different ingredients, cooking methods and recipes, searching for the yummier results, but more importantly, this is about my personal discovery with food.

I took this picture. Garlic and chives and tomatos are sinking in a blissful sea of olive oil and herb cheese.

Me carving Thanksgiving Turkey. It was my first time.

Me carving Thanksgiving Turkey. It was my first time.

Seriously, though, what is this blog really about?

My personal journey with food through experimentation. The essential question that drives every blog post: Is there a better way to prepare food? I will test and compare different ingredients, cooking methods and recipes to discover how to produce the tastiest results.

Why write a blog like this?

Primarily for personal discovery. I’m fueled by the simple joy of cooking, a love of learning, food photography and nitpicking with details! I also think blind taste tests can be fun. Also, what is better than bringing people together around food?

Finally, I love photography, especially of food. All pictures of food are mine.

What exactly will I test?

How do variations of ingredients change a single recipe? Do certain cooking methods or preparation tools matter? What are the best ways to get tasty results.

How will I conduct these tests.

I will try to follow the scientific method as much as possible, controlling as many variables as possible. I hope to test my cooking through blind taste tests, but if not I will try to be as objective as possible.

About me:

I’m a dude who likes to play with food and take photos of food and bring people together to appreciate culinary creations.

I hope you learn something from this blog, or maybe you’ll enjoy how I deconstruct and analyze cooking. At the very least enjoy my food photography.

I took this picture. I made that pizza. I made that pesto. I ate that pizza. It was very yummy.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. What a great angle for a food blog. I’ll be following to learn what I can from your hard work!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post for Chocolate Drop Cookies. They were my favorite childhood cookie. So rich and decadent. I’m an icing lover so I swirl it on pretty thick! I hope you try it out sometime. It’s really a fabulous recipe.

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