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Gazpacho Test 2 – Three Heirloom Tomatoes

Before the tomato season ended last month, I took the opportunity to boldly (kind of) expand my taste repertoire. I’ve never had non-red tomatoes before, but here was my chance.

I decided to continue my gazpacho taste tests and select three new types of tomatoes:

Yellow, green and purple.

PS: If you are reading and tomato-season has passed and you need to wait for several months for the next tomato season, I apologize in advance for making you sad.

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Gazpacho and Tomatoes

Forgive the improper timing of this post; I should have made this available during the summer. But this is a favorite dish of mine and I couldn’t wait for next summer to proclaim this to the world. Time for a tasty ciencia experimento …

Question: What is the best tomato to use for gazpacho?

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