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Brownies Experiment: No Oil, No Problem PART 2

I have had some tests brewing (baking?) in my head for a long time, ever since the ever popular brownie oil/eggs-substitution test went up over a year ago. I decided it is time to try out a few new substitutions and do a blind taste test.

How do brownies (from a box) taste when you substitute certain things with the oil and eggs?

Today’s new substitutions:  mayo, yogurt and avocado!


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Healthy vegan gluten free chocolate cookie test: maple syrup vs. honey vs. agave

NOTE: Honey is not vegan. So two out of the three cookie recipes being tested are vegan, just not the one that uses honey.

Here is a recipe for a very healthy and very tasty chocolate chip cookie, and it happens to also be vegan and gluten free!

This post will be examining three different batches of this recipe with a change in one ingredient: the sweetener. Specifically, we’ll make one batch using maple syrup, one using honey, and one using raw agave nectar.

This recipe and test idea was suggested by my friend Margaret. I’m always down for testing anything chocolate for a friend. And for “science.”


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Baked eggplant slices: double test!

Today’s eggplant taste test is a fun one. We are testing two different factors…
They tell you to salt your eggplant (once you have cubed it or cut it in slices) and let it rest for 30 minutes in a strainer in your sink, so the bitterness leaves it. Does that make a difference?

AND you are told to brush olive oil on your slices before putting them in the oven. What difference does that make to the texture and taste?

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Kale Chips – Aluminium Foil Test

Whomever spends this much time thinking about Kale must be a pretty cool dude.

In a previous post, I tested making kale chips using a normal baking sheet vs. parchment paper. Conclusion: The baking sheet made the chips slightly more crunchy but the parchment paper was easier to clean up. I also learned the important lesson of making sure to COMPLETELY COAT the kale leaves in my oil mixture (EVOO, balsamic vinegar, kosher salt, garlic).

After that experiment, a new question arose: would using aluminum foil make a difference?

I ask the hard hitting questions in this blog.

My test kitchen was about to find out. I wanted to test making these summer homemade chips using both the normal baking sheet and the addition of aluminum foil.

Question: When making KALE CHIPS, does using aluminum foil make a difference?

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Oven Hot Spot Test

Hi, welcome to this blog post regarding gourmet cooking, high-end ingredients, and the pursuit of the quality eating experience!

Today, we are using WHITE BREAD, the finest of all breads.

Just kidding. Didn’t mean for you to drop your kale shake while you clutched your ascot scarf in outrage.

I mean, this post IS simply using White Bread. But I’m using the saddest of sad breads* to test an important tool in my kitchen: the oven.

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Kale Chips – Parchment Paper Test

Kale. Trendy vegetable? Or the simple green leaf for all people to enjoy?

Maybe both, but it’s also bad ass, especially in the form of CHIPS.

Kale chips are healthy and delicious and best of all, simple to make.

One of the first Google results for “kale chips” was from Allrecipies.com, and I noticed the use of parchment paper. Was that really necessary? Is its purpose purely for easy clean up, or does that enhance the quality?

My test kitchen was about to find out. I wanted to test making these summer homemade chips using both the normal baking sheet and the addition of parchment paper.

Question: When making KALE CHIPS, does using parchment paper make a difference?

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