Obedient Ingredients

A place to put cooking ideas to the test.

Experiment Results

Here is a quick guide of the experiments I have conducted in this blog. Below is the question followed by the conclusion, and sometimes with extra notes.

Q: Which is the best fruit and kale combination?

Conclusion: Mango, followed by Pineapple and Blueberry.

Notes: Only the fruit+kale+water mixture was tested, not a true smoothie.


Q: How do normal brownies from a box compare with black bean brownies, applesauce brownies and prune brownies?

Conclusion: Regular and black bean > applesauce > prune


Q: Does salting (purging) an eggplant before baking it make a difference?

Conclusion: Yes, both with texture and taste.

Q: Does it make a difference to brush eggplant with olive oil before or after baking?

Conclusion: It does not make too much of a difference if the eggplants have been purged beforehand.


Q: When baking kale chips, does aluminium foil make a difference?

Conclusion: Yes, since kale is fragile, placing foil over the kale prevents burning and it becoming too dry.


Q: When baking kale chips, does parchment paper make a difference?

Conclusion: Not too much of a difference; without the paper, the kale cooks more.


Q: Do different onions in guacamole make any difference?

Conclusion: Yes: between yellow and red onions, yellow yield a stronger flavor than the red.

Note: Only yellow and red onions were tested.


Q: What is the best way to apply olive oil to an eggplant before grilling?

Conclusion: Better flavor: eggplant soaked in olive oil before grilling; better texture: zero olive oil before grilling, only apply after.


Q: How does a garlic press affect garlic-infused olive oil (for dipping)?

Conclusion: The oil from the garlic-press was too strong and slighlty bitter. The more favorable tasting oil was oil that was infused with a crushed clove of garlic.


Q: Does the type of salt sprinkled on avocados make a difference?

Conclusion: Yes, sea salt and kosher salt add a nice crunch and the saltiness is not as overpowering as table salt.

Note: This tested table salt, non-ground sea salt, ground Himalayan Pink salt and Kosher salt. Pink salt was considered the best.

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