Obedient Ingredients

A place to put cooking ideas to the test.


Why are you doing this?

I really like to cook. I also like learning. Mix that with my interests in food photography and my desire to educate others, you got this blog!

What culinary questions do you test?

I am open to all and any questions. I am very fond of testing even the most basic questions about cooking; in fact, I see this as a blog for amateur cooks. If I stumble upon a culinary revelation through my food testing, great!

Do you believe that attention to detail is needed when you cook?

Not at all. Actually, the way I go about testing food questions is nothing like how I am adventurous with my cooking. I am not scientific at all. But I still find a lot of fun and learning from analyzing food comparisons in a scientific way.

Will you compare products or brands?

I do not plan on it. That is very expensive. Plus you can find sites like Serious Eats.

Are you trying to compete with the Food Lab from Serious Eats?

Not at all. This blog is primarily for my own culinary education. I use their Food Lab as a resource.

Have people really asked you enough questions about this blog to consider them “frequently asked?”

No…this section is made up entirely by myself. If people start asking me questions, I will take this fake FAQ down.


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