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Snack Bracket – Sweet (and Salty) 16!

UPDATE: Vote for next round here: http://goo.gl/forms/1H4hyZGxqa

Round 3! Lots of upsets and heart breaks. Interesting to see which snacks are advancing. Many tight races!

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Snacket 16 Sweet Cookies

The closest Round 2 match-ups? There was a tie:
Girl Scout Thin Mints (52.2%) just beating out Nutella (47.8%). Nutella is great, but maybe it’s “snackability” hurt it. It’s more of a condiment, I suppose.
Girls Scouts did not triumph everywhere. In that same bracket, TJ’s Bite Sized Sea Salt Brownies (52.9%) won over Girl Scouts Peanut Butter Cookies (47.1%).
Biggest blow-outs?
Sliced-apples with peanut butter (83.6%) trounced granola bars (16.4%).
Clementines/Tangerines (77.6%) destroyed Roasted Chickpeas with seasoning (22.4%).


Snacket 16 Sweet Bite Sized Snacket 16 Salty Snacket 16 Healthy

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Quick Test: Canned vs. Dry Garbanzo Bean Hummus

Here is a typical time of making some yummy food while simultaneously conducting my own experiment. Measurements and other scientific guidelines were not really put in place. I just made two things and compared them.

I made three batches of hummus today, because I had a ton of ingredients:

1) Hummus from canned chickpeas (garbanzo beans)

2) Hummus from dry beans (the ones you need to soak over night first)

3) Hummus from a mix of canned and dry beans but roasted!

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