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A place to put cooking ideas to the test.

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Do you have a food question that I can test? Do you want me to compare this with that?

Email me at obedientingredients@gmail.com


Message me with ideas. Or compliments, or questions, or whatever is on your mind.

Enjoy your stay.

Homemade pesto pizza, just before the oven. Oh yeah…

6 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Great blog Mr. Obedient Ingredients! Love your photos too (though I feel like I’ve seen some of the food before, hmmm…). Keep it coming!!!

  2. I don’t know how you’d test this, but cilantro is one of my favorite herbs. Could you do something with that? This blog also makes me jealous and hungry since I don’t have a working kitchen/time to cook anymore.

  3. I am going to try the black bean substitute for oil & eggs in boxed brownie mix & am wondering how much you used – 1 whole can of black beans ? I didn’t see that info anywhere.

    • Hi Jean,

      Yes, it was one whole can of black beans. However, I rinsed the beans first and when I pureed the beans, I added a LITTLE bit of water to help with the consistency.
      Best of luck!

  4. When you used black beans as a substitute for oil & eggs in brownie mix, what amount of beans did you use?


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