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How to Throw a Grilled Cheese Party

Grilled cheese is┬áso much fun. They are simply the best food themed party I’ve had/thrown. It was popular when I hosted a party like this before. Maybe that’s why 54 people showed up to the 4th Annual Grilled Cheese party last month.


How it works:

Host provides sliced bread, butter/mayo for spreading, and tomato soup.

  • Guests bring the ingredients for their GC recipes they will be making.
  • Each guest prepares 2-4 sandwiches, then each sandwich is cut into 6 pieces.
  • Have a prep station for guests to assemble their sandwiches, while 2-3 other guests make their sandwiches on the stove top.
  • When the Sandwich is finished, put it in the oven with the rest of the sandwiches that are staying warm. Keeping the oven at warm or 200 F keeps them warm, the bread crisp and the cheese gooey.
  • When the oven is full/everyone is finished making their sandwiches, cut them up and serve them.

Also, here’s an important poll that can lead to some very heated debate:

(It’s Kraft Singles, not craft singles. Like, those are very opposite things. I cannot change the poll though.)

Read on to see all the types of sandwiches represented…

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Sage Chips: or How I Stopped Worrying and Love Flour Coating

Warning: non-scientific (yet yummy) experiments below.

Food experiments in this blog fall into two categories of preparation:

a) planned out ahead of time, with research and getting the right ingredients;

b) Deciding on the spot to test something out with the food I have in my kitchen, usually in a hunger induced haze.

This is something I did on the fly. I had leftover sage. I wanted to have them in fried form.

So what was the best way to get these wise leaves crunchy?

The search for this answer while leaving out thorough research, and we get today’s experiment: what is the difference between frying sage with and then without a flour coating? And what is the simplest, best way to coat them for a good crunch?

BONUS POST: Not all of my food experiments go well, so today we learn the important lesson that failing is OK…

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