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Easy to Make Hollow Ice Spheres

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I re-blogged a post earlier today because I thought what this guy or gal did with a hollowed out ice sphere was really cool.

Then I thought…I have that sphere ice mold at home (it’s actually a Death Star mold), I can do this too!

And I did!

IMG_6234 (2)

The key is to freeze the ball for about 90 minutes, then turn upside down and freeze for another hour plus a little more. Then you take out the mold and carefully poke a hole through the top. Then you need to shake the water out. Once all the water is out, carefully remove the hollow ball from the mold, place it on a towel or aluminium foil and freeze a bit more to make sure it is solid.

You can even save it for tomorrow!IMG_6233 (2)
IMG_6231 (2)

The key is to really chill the cocktail you will put in this. I made an Old Fashioned (with three kinds of bitters, using a great Rye from a Chicago distillery called Koval) by first diluting it with some ice, but then I put it in the fridge to chill.

IMG_6209 (2) IMG_6210 (2) IMG_6212 (2) IMG_6222 (2)

Then I carefully poured (fired) the liquid (proton torpedoes) through the hole (ventilation shaft) in the ice mold (Death Star…which is quite operational).

IMG_6235 (2) IMG_6238 (2)

And there it is! An Old Fashioned in a hollowed out Death Star ice mold. You can either watch it melt, or stick a straw in it, or crack it with a spoon.

IMG_6241 (2)

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