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Snack Bracket: The Edible 8

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Vote here for the 8 remaining players in the 2015 Snacket: http://goo.gl/forms/1H4hyZGxqa

Click on the photos for a look at how each region has played out so far. The regions are Sweet: Bite-sized, Sweet: Cookies & Other, Salty and then Healthy.

Snacket Edible 8 Sweet Cookies & Other Snacket Edible 8 Sweet Bite Sized Snacket Edible 8 Salty Snacket Edible 8 Healthy

Read these pretty heated and often time hilarious comments from the voting page from the Sweet/Salty 16:

McDonald’s Fries vs. Movie Theater Popcorn is the toughest match up. Fries are delicious but if you get the popcorn and eat it within 20 minutes… that blows everything out of the water. The tough part is when it’s stale… it’s no bueno. UGHHHHH WHO WILL WIN?!
Peanut butter’s tyranny cannot stand
This bracket highlights the industry powerhouses of the snack world: Reese’s, girl scouts, and things that rhyme with ‘neato’.
Up until this point, there were some difficult choices, but not until I saw Nacho Doritos vs Popcorn did I remember how truly difficult this can be. Next year, you have to allow people to fill out brackets before the voting begins. That will also allow you to figure out who you shouldnt’ be friends with anymore and to disqualify any/all of their stupid votes.
This is making me unnecessarily hungry
(Read more below)

Veggies and Hummus just have so much of a snacking ability. They never leave you feeling empty, provide you with so many different experience, just so many choices. They are the best, most flexible option.

As much as I love Movie Theatre Popcorn, you can’t beat a fresh batch of Mickey D’s fries right out of the oil. They also don’t make you poop something awful later.

Reese’s need to get out of here. For good. What are we PEASANTS!? IS THIS A SNACKET FOR POOR PEOPLE?!

Still pissed about losing Kale Chips. They were america’s youth and we just sideswiped them like commoners. NO ONE CAN APPRECIATE THAT SOMETHING IS HEALTHY AND TASTES DELICIOUS.

I refuse to vote for cadbury mini eggs versus reese’s pieces as I dislike both of those candy products. I am very glad that white cheddar popcorn has made it thus far. Also, I like the graphic up top.
This is getting fierce.

I don’t understand how people are so obsessed with Reese’s PB cups. They are great, of course. But the eggs are the perfect ratio of peanut butter to chocolate. PLUS, the chocolate is nice and soft. The PB cup edges are sharp and not as nice. It’s a sham that these two delicious snacks meet in the Sweet 16; it’s at least an Elite 8 matchup–sort of like Wisconsin vs. Arizona. Also, Reese’s Pieces are the beneficiary of an easy draw; they aren’t really that good.

I also think the healthy food region was stacked. LOTS of great options. Again, I don’t understand the obsession with apples and peanut butter. Peanut butter is amazing, but apples are not very good. Peanut butter only partially salvages them. Also, still upset about olives being eliminated in the first round.

Finally, Nacho Doritos are amazing. I mean, I start drooling just thinking about them. Why don’t I eat them more? (Answer: because they are like 10000 calories and likely will be proven to be a leading cause of cancer from various preservatives and radioactive elements. But they are SO GOOD.)

How can I possibly choose between Reese’s Pieces and Cadbury mini eggs?? Especially when I would rather have either of them than Reese’s mini cups or Reese’s eggs. And how are McDonald’s fries still in the running at all? This bracket tugs at my heartstrings way more than basketball.
Girl Scout Cookies all the way. It’s for the children. Don’t you want those girls to grow up fiscally responsible and proud of their cookie selling abilities? Also, they are hella good.
Really disappointed with the salty options. So much popcorn…why??? Who is voting for this?
Thin mints are the only reason I stayed in Girl Scouts 7 years.
I will cry when Cadbury loses.
CHEETOS!!! Without a doubt deserve a place in the Final Four, they were robbed!!
I’m glad most of the TJ’s products are gone. The overrepresentation was discrimination against those of us who may not have easy access to a TJ’s. Alas the voters have spoken. Well done.
Do we get a lifetime supply of Reese’s if we win?

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