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Buttered Coffee Hot & Iced (With Homemade Butter)

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While I have successfully moved off cream and sugar and love my coffee black, I find coffee concoctions to be very interesting. And now we have butter in coffee. Huh.

Similar to my Harry Potter Butterbeer research, this seemingly super unhealthy but potentially tasty coffee is apparently a traditional drink in some places around the world. This may need more investigation in the future.

What do you think?

Stories and Recipes From My Unrefined Life

Would you put butter in your coffee? In a quest to find the perfect form of dairy substitute to add to my morning coffee, I kept coming up blank. Cream seemed obvious (and so delicious), but not if you have trouble digesting lactose. Non dairy substitutes have too many harsh additives and just don’t taste the same. The only option left was butter. Yes, butter. But… how?

Coincidentally, as my mind was skipping through clouds of buttered coffee fantasies, I get a text from my dear friend Jessica, “What about butter in your coffee?” Great minds think alike.

Genius! Apparently this is not uncommon and thought to have added health benefits. Who knew? Let me know if you would be willing to try it, or if you have already, what’d you think?

Homemade Butter (unsalted)

1- 2 cups heavy cream (I used what was left in my fridge, Ronnybrook Farms non homogenized…

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