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Snack Bracket: Sweet 16

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Snacket 16


After my friends have voted, we are now in Round 3 of our (super serious) Snack Bracket.

See the original 60 snacks here.

The distinction we are making when voting is not what is necessarily the better snack but the more addicting snack.

Read on for some thoughts on this bracket.

It’s been pretty heated among my friends, not going to lie. Some gems:


“I fear that people will choose the Reese’s Pieces.  That’s not a bad choice, because the Pieces are great.  Still, let’s be real.  You could easily look up and find you’ve eaten 20 the PB cups.  Which is probably on the order of 5,000 calories, and, in my opinion, is more impressive than housing a whole “bag” of the tiny pieces.  And you’ll still want more, despite the effort involved in unwrapping them, and your mind will revert to auto-pilot-stuffing-face!  Now that’s an addicting snack.”


McDonald’s fries : dark horse candidate.  I would not be mad if they got hot and ran away with this.  Even though McDonald’s is disgusting, every time I finish my fries, I’m on the lookout for more.  It’s never enough.  Moar moar moar.”


Nutella should not even be in the bracket, unfair to all other snacks.”

Editor’s Note: Sadly, they lost in round 2 😦 


Wheat thins?! in the sweet 16?! You guys are all worthless and weak and skinny.  This bracket is bogus. Also fries are kind of a meal not really a snack.  They have an unfair advantage.”


“If Entenmann’s wins here it’ll be the upset of the century.”


“So wait, people didn’t vote for Oreos? Were Wheat Thins really up against Cool Ranch? I’d say Swedish Fish are winning because something seems awfully fishy about all of this.”

Editor’s Note: Wheat Thins beat out Cool Ranch Doritos by only TWO points! Very close. This sparked a whole other debate on which is better, Cool Ranch or Nacho Doritos. Discuss.


One thought on “Snack Bracket: Sweet 16

  1. I’m still bitter about Nutella being out of the running. I mean COME ON Really?!

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