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Four New Cocktails from “Shake”


After several months of weary transition and heavy work load, I needed some creativity in my life.

It was time to experiment with some cocktail mixing.

photo 5

I purchased the book “Shake: A New Perspective on Cocktails” at a yuppie store that I like to judge yet would love to own half the things in that store. I almost bought the $36 mason jar cocktail shaker, which seems great and I reallllly wanted it, but I would rather make a DIY mason jar shaker by drilling holes in the top.

My friend and I looked through the book and since we are in the weird middle season of winter-figuring-out-if-it-should-die-and-let-spring-come-forth, we thumbed through the winter and spring cocktails, considered which booze and ingredients we had at our homes, and came up with four.

This post is just me reporting on what we made and drank and what we thought of it.

WARNING: Photos taken on an iPhone, not my awesome camera. Beware.

First, what I think about the book Shake. I liked it enough to buy it, and I have never made fancy/creative mixed drinks before, so I cannot really say if it’s a NEW perspective on cocktails. It certainly has beautiful pictures and easy-to-follow instructions! If the four recipes I tried are any indication, this book has amazing drink ideas. The biggest downside of the book is how little it explains certain ingredients, especially alcohols. There is a page on how to shake the shaker, yet not a word on what aperol, St. Germain or Cava are (they are different types of booze I think). Also not sure if I will shell out money for things like plum liqueur just for a single drink.

Lack of helpful details aside, it’s a nice book to have. Certainly inspired and fostered a fun Saturday afternoon/night.

photo 4 (1)

The last thing I’ll say is that my new fav drink is mezcal. It’s like tequilla (from the same agave plant) but it’s made differently, and it has an earthier, sometimes smokey, complex taste to it that is just amazing. I purchased a very good one for only $38 called Del Maguey Vida. Two of the drinks I tried have mezcal in it.

Not to brag (…OK, I totally will) but I was lucky enough to taste the newest mezcal from Del Maguey collaborated with celebrity chef Jose Andres called Iberico. They used Iberico jamon for this recipe. Bottles go for over $200. It was sublime.

Anyway, to the drinks.

photo 3

Drink #1: A Mid-Winter Marg


3 shots tequila

1 & 1/2 shots Cointreau

1 & 1/2 shots fresh lime juice

1 & 1/2 shots fresh grapefruit juice

2 slices of lime (to garnish)

Chile salt (we used Ancho chile and sea salt)


Changes I’ll make next time:

I’d like to experiment with different kinds of salt. Other than that, nothing. As usual, use great ingredients (Cointreau, not triple sec, fresh fruit, high quality booze). I really appreciated another fruit juice (the grapefruit) in what is otherwise a normal margarita. It will be hard to go back to simply lime.


When to drink:

As soon as possible.


Drink #2: The Blackberry Fence Hopper


2 shots vodka

1 shot fresh lemon juice

1 shot wildflower honey (we used raspberry farmer’s market honey)

8 fresh blackberries (plus 4 to garnish)

2 slices of lemon (for garnish)



Changes I’ll make next time:

More blackberries. A sprig of mint, either before while muddling, or as a lovely green coloring for the visual. But honestly, not much. It was a sweet drink, but not sugary sweet, if that makes sense. The honey just adds a different sweetness that is not as intense AND adds a depth of flavor. The lemon brings out the flavors as well, and while I was fine with 1 shot of lemon juice, my friend added more, which actually complemented the sweet honey taste.


When to drink:

When it’s warming up. For dessert…I feel like riding on a ferry is the ideal place for this drink. Don’t ask me why.


photo 4

Drink #3: The Smog Cutter


1 shot mezcal

3 slices of fresh ginger

2/3 shot of Tomr’s Tonic Syrup

2/3 shot simple syrup

2/3 shot fresh lemon juice

Negra Modelo beer (or a medium colored beer without much going on. We used Yuengling)


Changes I’ll make next time:

The beer completely mellowed the intensity of flavors brought out by the ginger and mezcal. The recipe asks to completely top off your glass with the beer, but even a shot of beer made the complex flavors disappear. However, if you don’t want an intense drink, a splash of beer may be for you. Instead of beer, I’d add seltzer.

I’d also like to call it the Smaug Cutter.


When to drink: 

After fighting off Cartel soldiers. I feel like this is a drink that very few of us would enjoy, appreciate and even handle. So while your friends are giggling about how funny The Bing Bang Theory is, you can sit back in the shadows while sipping your amazing concoction, brooding over life.


Drink # 4: The Spicy Mezcalita


2 shots tequila

1 shot mexcal

1 & 1/2 shots Cointreau

1 & 1/2 shots fresh lime juice

2 slices of fresh jalapeno (plus 2 slices to garnish)

2 slices of fresh lime (to garnish)


Changes I’ll make next time:

This was on the spicier side, even for me:  2-3 seedless jalapeno slices really upped the kick (TIP: not every jalapeno is equal! Taste it first…if you dare).  So we added grapefruit juice and cilantro, and it was fantastic. A complex drink that had it all! The green/herbal/vegetably (not a word) taste of the cilantro not only off-set the heat from the jalapeno, but complemented the flavor of the jalapeno, making it a great mix of sweet and savory, instead of just sweet and heat.


When to drink:

While eating anything Mexican, or during a bland meal to spice things up. Or when your female coworkers are giggling about the latest mediocre television show, you can sit back in the shadows, brooding over life.



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  1. super post;………#wordpress!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post, and even laughed out loud a few times. Nice writing style. 😉

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