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Modernist Cuisine at Home the eBook

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Happy 2014 foodies, food enthusiasts, or humans that enjoy the intake of food. As I am still searching for work, I will try to post things from time to time.

Today, I’d like to point you in a direction of something pretty cool from Inkling, a site for eBooks: the Modernist Cuisine at Home.

I did not take this photo, this is from Inkling.com

I did not take this photo, this is from Inkling.com

I need to start off with a full disclosure: someone from the publishing company Inkling actually contacted Obedient Ingredients and asked if I could put these links up for you all. I have to admit that my first thought was “this is pretty cool!” That feeling of recognition does make me all warm and gooey inside.

Reviewing books (or eBooks) or supporting companies was not the original intention of this blog, but I support spreading the love of food and food reading, and I am perfectly fine to support Inkling.

I was told I have free reign over what I say about this content. I agreed to post the links but I said I would give an honest review of the content. And I happen to like the content (from what is available, I have not read the book or downloaded the app).


I did not take this photo, this is from Inkling.com

Basically, I think this looks really cool, and if I had an e-reader, I would want to have access to creative culinary practices that come along with awesome photography. A little like this blog (or what I’d ideally like this blog to be).

Here is the page that is dedicated to the ebook Modernist Cuisine at Home.

Some examples:

Mac and Cheese

I appreciate a detailed step-by-step recipe (with photos) of something as simple as mac and cheese, yet explaining crucial aspects along the way such as how to properly add cheese and what to do when emulsion breaks (don’t know what that means? They tell you).

pasta 2

I did not take this photo, this is from Inkling.com

Aromatic Chicken Broth

One of their free samples had pictures of scorched garlic and herbs in a French Press. Um, yes please. For someone who loves garlic, I never thought about scorching them. And this chapter has very easy instructions to follow along with lovely, lovely photos and VIDEOS! I think that’s awesome, and I will try this out soon.

modernist cuisine

I did not take this photo, this is from Inkling.com

Caramelized Carrot Soup

I’m usually a fan of avoiding things like smart phones and that constant connectivity, but the interactive aspects of this electronic cookbook can be super helpful, especially when you are under pressure in the kitchen. With this recipe, you are able to change the number of people you are serving which will THEN change the amounts needed for each ingredient. Brilliant.

I did not take this photo, this is from Inkling.com

I did not take this photo, this is from Inkling.com

So there we have it. If you like this book consider getting it. Like I said, if I had something like the Kindle Fire (hey, Amazon…give me a job!) I would get it. Or if I was hip and had an iPad or something like that, I would have it handy when I’m at friend’s houses, since I have that reputation of being a the good cook, I would whip this eBook out to help me come up with something fun.

Here is a link to Inkling’s food category page if you want to see what else they offer. I personally like that Tasting Beer book.

And if you have any thoughts or problems about amateur bloggers giving free advertising to companies, let me know. Like I said, I don’t mind because I like the product. But as far as I can tell, getting people interested in cooking and helping them become better at it is the number one goal here.

As usual, if you have any experiments or recipes you’d like me to test, I’d be happy to try them out.

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