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Christmas Meal and Update

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Obedient Ingredients.

Enjoy some photos from our Christmas Eve meal below.


But first, an update: I would love to post more frequently, and more importantly, I would love to conduct more experiments and taste tests, but I cannot for the time being. I have been unemployed for several months, and until I get a steady income, I will not be posting new experiments.

I have PLENTY of ideas of tests I’d like to try out, everything from the most basic (Which onion is best in pasta sauce? Which oil to use to bake French fries?) to elaborate (Testing different homemade Siracha sauces) to even the quirky (Does blending cheap wine in a blender actually aerate it properly, making it better?) and etc. 

When I get back on my feet, I’ll resume experimenting. Until then, any job leads would be welcome. But more importantly, enjoy high quality food and experimental eating.

Merry Christmas!


Prosciutto and Manchego croquettes.


Pancetta wrapped figs (which were soaked in rum, cloves, brown sugar, peppercorns and red wine) Recipe

Brie covered with thyme, walnuts and cranberries that have been soaking in Port all day.


Artichoke turnovers.


Simple veggie spread but the dip (in a hollowed out red cabbage) has an amazing amount of garlic and lemon zest. So much lemon zest goes a long way!

IMG_1578My Christmas present to myself: the very difficult to find and very rarely brewed Dogfish Head World Wide Stout and 120 Minute IPA, both my favorite beers and both anywhere between 18-20% ABV (purchased in an amazing bar called Beer Culture in midtown, New York City).

One thought on “Christmas Meal and Update

  1. The figs sound great …. I’ll bookmark this 🙂

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