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New York City Coffee Tour


I spent a day in NYC and wanted to check out coffee places. Great coffee places!

Using a few Reddit posts and other sites, I compiled a list of coffee places I wanted to go to. I made a Google Maps route of the locations, went old school and printed out said map, and stopped by most of these places with a friend of mine.

It was a lot of fun and it was exciting to try new methods of brewing (such as the Aeropress and the Clever Coffee Brewer … which most people don’t know about yet is really great), and the distinct flavors of beans (Burundi coffee is very sweet and acidic, yet Bolivian coffee is robust and smooth).

I am sure there are other great places in NYC for coffee, but for a fun time with coffee enthusiasts, do a tour. You’ll be wired at the end, but you’ll have a greater appreciation for coffee.

Here is my coffee tour:

5 thoughts on “New York City Coffee Tour

  1. Love it! Friends of mine in Boston regularly do a coffee crawl, but I’ve yet to make it up for one. Such a fun idea!

  2. What’s on the list for a Boston coffee crawl? I live in Cambridge so I’ve been to Voltage, Area Four, etc, but the only place I’ve been in Boston is the Thinking Cup near the common. Where else should we check out?

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  4. I’ve been wanting to try Third Rail Coffee. Also, La Colombe in Tribeca is amazing coffee!

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