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Eggplant Review – Difference Between Three Kinds (NOTES LOST *sad face*)

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So I did a taste test between three types of eggplants from my farmer’s market.

But I lost my notes from the experiment 😦

Instead, I have some research I did after the jump, but I might as well give you all of the synonyms for the eggplant right now: aubergine = berenjena = brinjal = garden egg = egg apple = patlican = melongene = melanzane = Guinea squash. Yay learning.


I love eggplant, but I wanted to test different varieties and subject these varieties to my previous tests I have done on eggplants.

As you can see here, there are many different varieties of eggplants outside of the common Italian and American (or globe) eggplants. I am pretty sure that I will never see some of these eggplants unless I travel to their country of origin (like the Thai eggplants that look like grapes).

At my farmer’s market, I was lucky to find three kinds:

  1. The American or Globe eggplant, dark purple, pear shaped
  2. Chinese eggplant, usually thinner, more delicate flavor, not as bitter
  3. Rosa Bianca eggplant, with its pretty stripes with a mild and sweet flavor

Unfortunately, I lost my notes! My girlfriend and I salted the eggplants first, drained them, dried them, and then baked with some olive oil (and a sprig of rosemary that accompanied the eggplant slices in the oven). I do not even recall the oven temperature and time. But I am sure I used the lessons from my previous posts on eggplants:

From what I recall, there WERE very slight differences in texture and taste, but not great differences. I do wish I had my notes intact, but that means I’ll just have to re-do this taste test.

Until then, enjoy my photos from the test:


One thought on “Eggplant Review – Difference Between Three Kinds (NOTES LOST *sad face*)

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