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Road to Perfection: Pesto


You guys! OMG you guys!

It’s pesto time! Isn’t that the best?

Ah, but this blog is not simply about gushing over delicious food; here, we test before we dine.

And I’ll need YOUR help as we travel down the path of the discovery for greatness. I’m starting a series of posts I like to call: Road to Perfection.

This is my first post in the “Road to Perfection” series. In RtP, I take a basic recipe of something awesome and not too complicated. Then I figure out the exact measurements and ingredients to use to create a simple, basic recipe. Once I come up with my recipe base-line, I will then experiment with different additions to it.

Pretty simple, yes?

The point is not to compare different ingredients (that’s what my normal blog posts are about). “Road to Perfection” posts are just about little tweaks here and there. Maybe a little more of this ingredient, or a dash of this, or an addition of that, or maybe heating it differently.

Not only that, but I will open it up to you! The people!

Here’s how you can contribute:

1. Take my base recipe that I come up with. Follow it exactly the way I make it.

2. Then, YOU get to decide how to tweak it from there. Make your adjustments.

3. And after you tell me that “I added a little bit of this and it was awesome!” then I will add a little bit of that and…

4. My friends and I will then taste test mine against yours!

Got it?

So grab a drink, your ingredients, your food processor (a blender works as well), and let’s make Pesto. Here is my drink for tonight:

Ok, on to Road to Perfection: Pesto edition!

Here is what I’m using for the ingredients for BASIC PESTO:

Basil – 3 cups (stuff the basil into the measuring cup until it reaches 3 cups)

Walnuts –  1 cup.

Pecornio Romano grated cheese – 3/4 cup

Olive Oil – Exactly 1 cup

1 tablespoon of lemon juice

1/2 tablespoon of salt (I prefer Pink Himalayan Sea Salt)

1 tablespoon of pepper

5 medium size cloves of garlic

Get some fresh basil and wash them. Pat them dry. It’s important that they dry off completely!

Put the basil, garlic and walnuts in the food processor or blender. Process.

Add olive oil, and then the cheese. Then add salt and pepper and lemon juice. Blend until everything is incorporated in a smooth pesto.

Pro-tip: it should taste great right then and there, but leave it in the fridge for two days. The flavor is much stronger then.

It is so basic and so delicious. I personally like it cheesier, so when I normally make this pesto, I just keep adding more cheese (has to be high quality Pecorino Romano. That’s the secret to a great pesto: better ingredients). The best part is if I over-use a certain ingredient, I add more of everything else.

This is my favorite food to make. No lie.

So I’ll leave it open to you, friends and frequenters of this blog, to make suggestions for what I shall do to make this pesto more perfect. Remember, it’s not about changing the recipe, but building upon what I have here.

I’ll eventually have different tests with pesto, specifically pine nuts vs. walnuts, walnuts vs. toasted walnuts, different dry cheeses, and finally, different basil.

How would you make this pesto more perfect? A dash of cayenne? More cheese? Some melted butter? Parsley? Half the amount of cheese? Double the amount of olive oil?? Let me know the exact amounts!

And then I will taste test your suggestions against my recipe.

Email me at obedientingredients@gmail.com or leave message in the comments!

Until next the time we revisit Road to Perfection: Pesto, happy cooking.

3 thoughts on “Road to Perfection: Pesto

  1. Lemon juice? This is new and different! How does adding lemon juice affect the taste of our tried-and-true pesto recipe???

  2. Hmmm…yeah I agree with “Jackie”. Lemon juice as an addition is new & different. Never tried that one before. I guess adding acid could brighten the mix but also potentially embitter the basil maybe??? I will have to try this recipe…

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