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Pictures from San Francisco Trip

I took 6 days to visit SF, a city I’ve never been to before. While I was happy to see some good friends (and make new ones), the primary purpose of the trip was for food and drink.

Here are some photos. Below is a list (with links) to every place I stopped at.



More after the break.

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Southern Tier Pumking Beer Bread

Originally posted on LifeRXd:

Southern Tier Pumking
Beer Bread Recipe

There is nothing paleo or zone or whole30 about this bread. In fact, it’s not healthy by any stretch of your big beautiful innovative imagination. But, it does taste abso-freaking-lutely amazing, and things that taste that good and smell that good are typically pretty darn good for your soul! This beer bread is a yummy fall time treat, geared towards craft beer enthusiasts, but loved by everyone!

z2All you need is,
–12 oz of Southern Tier PUMKING
–3 cups of self rising flour
–1/4 cup of sugar

Optional ingredients,
(When I say optional, I highly suggest.)
-A shake of cinnamon
-A pinch of pumpkin spice
-Salted butter. Lots of butter.

1. Preheat your oven for 375.
2. Butter up your bread pan.
(You can buy a bread pan at the dollar store!)
3. Mix your flour, sugar, and beer until its a sticky…

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Buttered Coffee Hot & Iced (With Homemade Butter)


While I have successfully moved off cream and sugar and love my coffee black, I find coffee concoctions to be very interesting. And now we have butter in coffee. Huh.

Similar to my Harry Potter Butterbeer research, this seemingly super unhealthy but potentially tasty coffee is apparently a traditional drink in some places around the world. This may need more investigation in the future.

What do you think?

Originally posted on Stories and Recipes from My Unrefined Life:

Would you put butter in your coffee? In a quest to find the perfect form of dairy substitute to add to my morning coffee, I kept coming up blank. Cream seemed obvious (and so delicious), but not if you have trouble digesting lactose. Non dairy substitutes have too many harsh additives and just don’t taste the same. The only option left was butter. Yes, butter. But… how?

Coincidentally, as my mind was skipping through clouds of buttered coffee fantasies, I get a text from my dear friend Jessica, “What about butter in your coffee?” Great minds think alike.

Genius! Apparently this is not uncommon and thought to have added health benefits. Who knew? Let me know if you would be willing to try it, or if you have already, what’d you think?

Homemade Butter (unsalted)

1- 2 cups heavy cream (I used what was left in my fridge, Ronnybrook Farms non homogenized…

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LA Chefs Transforms Oreos – Oreo Hacks

Oreo Hacks, as they call it.


The west coast seems pretty awesome at times.

Take a look at this first video: an Oreo cocktail with Oreo tortilla chips.

Read on for more.

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Snack Bracket: Sweet 16


Snacket 16


After my friends have voted, we are now in Round 3 of our (super serious) Snack Bracket.

See the original 60 snacks here.

The distinction we are making when voting is not what is necessarily the better snack but the more addicting snack.

Read on for some thoughts on this bracket.

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