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LA Chefs Transforms Oreos – Oreo Hacks

Oreo Hacks, as they call it.


The west coast seems pretty awesome at times.

Take a look at this first video: an Oreo cocktail with Oreo tortilla chips.

Read on for more.

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Snack Bracket: Sweet 16


Snacket 16


After my friends have voted, we are now in Round 3 of our (super serious) Snack Bracket.

See the original 60 snacks here.

The distinction we are making when voting is not what is necessarily the better snack but the more addicting snack.

Read on for some thoughts on this bracket.

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DC business ranks in America’s Top 50 Coffee Shops

These guys are great. I believe I even submitted a post about them over a year ago.

Yup, I posted this link from another blog. I really enjoy their coffee. I want to take barista lessons through them. 

There is a shop right on my way to work. 

I love coffee. Perhaps I’ll do a DC Coffee Tour similar to my New York City coffee tour.

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Brownies Experiment: No Oil, No Problem PART 2

I have had some tests brewing (baking?) in my head for a long time, ever since the ever popular brownie oil/eggs-substitution test went up over a year ago. I decided it is time to try out a few new substitutions and do a blind taste test.

How do brownies (from a box) taste when you substitute certain things with the oil and eggs?

Today’s new substitutions:  mayo, yogurt and avocado!


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Snack Bracket – Round 1

In honor of March Madness and all things being turned into brackets, I asked friends about food related brackets we could come up with and thus determine the “best (insert thing here) ever!” once and for all. All worthy (read: inane, inconsequential) topics should be discussed via bracket form.

We determined to come up with the Snack Bracket (Snacket for short).



But the qualifier here is “addicting”. Some snack that you just could not get enough of, that no matter how unhealthy or gross, you just kept reaching your hand in the bag/toward the plate and automatically and mindlessly shoved more things in your face.

Something you can’t stop thinking of when someone mentions it.

Something that when you actually get it you are filled with satisfaction with a dash of self-pity and regret–but only a dash.

Something that you can’t stop consuming, once you start; things that you cycle back to desire as soon as you finish.

We all know those snacks.


After polling my friends, I came up with 60 items divided into four “regions”: Sweet Bite Sized, Sweet Cookies and Other, Salty Chips and Crackers, and Salty Other.

We have many Trader Joe’s items that if you have never tried I highly recommend you check them out. But there are tons of classics (M&Ms, Oreos) and some ridiculously generic and very processed yet super addicting things like Cheddar and Sour Cream Ruffles.

I present to you, 2014′s Snack Bracket!

If you would like to weigh in, please feel free. I will provide updates as my social circles vote.


Healthy snacks? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Healthy AND addictive snacks? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Four New Cocktails from “Shake”

After several months of weary transition and heavy work load, I needed some creativity in my life.

It was time to experiment with some cocktail mixing.

photo 5

I purchased the book “Shake: A New Perspective on Cocktails” at a yuppie store that I like to judge yet would love to own half the things in that store. I almost bought the $36 mason jar cocktail shaker, which seems great and I reallllly wanted it, but I would rather make a DIY mason jar shaker by drilling holes in the top.

My friend and I looked through the book and since we are in the weird middle season of winter-figuring-out-if-it-should-die-and-let-spring-come-forth, we thumbed through the winter and spring cocktails, considered which booze and ingredients we had at our homes, and came up with four.

This post is just me reporting on what we made and drank and what we thought of it.

WARNING: Photos taken on an iPhone, not my awesome camera. Beware.

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Craft Soda in D.C.

Craft things are exploding everywhere. Craft beer is the first thing that comes to mind, especially here in ‘Murica (I heard that Europeans, normally the standard bearer of quality beer, is jealous of how awesome American craft beer is becoming). 

I am glad that craft “anything” is being celebrated, because it’s the celebration of things that are high quality and made with care and love. 

Something that I think would be very fun to learn would be craft soda. Soda is synonymous with unhealthy, sugary, unnatural drinkin’, but there are ways to take all natural ingredients and turn them into a flavorful carbonated drink.

I want to learn more about craft soda (even perhaps try to make one myself), and it seems intimidating at first when one looks at the ingredients:

  • ginger root (no problem there, love ginger)
  • licorice root (sure, I guess that’s easy to find at Whole Foods)
  • chicory root (I’ve heard of chicory before, that’s got to be easy to find)
  • sarsparilla root (umm…I’m pretty sure the last time I heard that word was when I was watching Loony Toons)
  • and burdock root (that’s got to be something J.R.R. Tolkien came up with, a.k.a. I have no idea where to get that)

Interesting ingredients, and so many more botanical items and rich spices are used. I love it. 

If you are in Washington, D.C., check out Wildcraft Soda. I had them at the farmer’s market and it was an amazing tasting experience. I hope craft soda explodes in popularity.


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